Fact & Fiction


  • We are building NEW AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNITS on 145th and Lenox Avenue. At MINIMUM we will build 220 units and that number could INCREASE to at least 282.
  • We will also build upwards of 600 more much needed apartments for Harlem residents who do not qualify for low-income housing, but want to stay in Harlem.
  • There are currently no residential tenants living on the site. None - so NO RESIDENTS ARE BEING DISPLACED.
  • The commercial tenants who now occupy the site can choose to relocate elsewhere in Harlem with our help or they are welcome back and will return to the site. NO COMMERCIAL DISPLACEMENT.
  • We are building a brand new office and community facility, including a 400-person capacity community gathering space.
  • We will create over 1,150 temporary and permanent jobs, including 550 WELL-PAYING PERMANENT JOBS and new CAREERS for local Harlem residents.
  • We will create a YOUTH EMPOWERMENT and Mentorship Program, which will give young people in Harlem, starting as early as high school, paying Jobs right now and a shot at a better, brighter future.
  • We will create the first Residential Green Energy District in America, right here in Central Harlem, which will make Harlem cleaner and healthier, improve well-being, and achieve ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE.
  • We are building a Cultural Center, which will also offer many community-based services and educational programs for the benefit of EXISTING HARLEM residents.
  • We are partnering with POSITIVE WORKFORCE - a Harlem-based non-profit that has trained and placed over 20,000 people during its 30-year history in Harlem - to train EXISTING community members and place them in high paying construction jobs that create lasting careers.
  • We will give PREFERENCE and offer new retail space to LOCALLY BASED MINORITY- AND WOMEN-OWNED businesses at BELOW MARKET RENT, among other incentives. We will target businesses that will offer essential goods and services that are needed in the community like healthcare and healthy food.
  • We will RESTORE and REVITALIZE 145th St. to make it a safer, brighter, and better place to live, work, and shop for EXISTING Harlem residents.
  • Our project will lead to upgrades and improvements to existing infrastructure in the neighborhood that will hopefully address longstanding problems that have been ignored for years.
  • We will provide space for existing locally based community groups who have asked us for help.
  • We are planning the largest outdoor residential ART INSTALLATION in America with the support of local Harlem artists and youth groups meant to honor Harlem’s heritage.
  • We are working with local community groups, tenant organizations, elected and government officials, religious leaders, businesspeople and other activists and stakeholders to get their advice and suggestions so we can build something that RESPECTS THE NEEDS AND CONCERNS of the community.
  • We are building for the benefit of the people who live in Harlem today and laying the foundation for future generations who want to live, work, and raise their families in Harlem.


  • We are NOT BUILDING luxury condominiums, we are building rental apartments for Harlem residents.
  • We are NOT MARKETING apartments to rich, luxury buyers from elsewhere, we are marketing apartments locally.
  • We are NOT DISPLACING ANY residential tenants, we are creating hundreds of affordable housing units.
  • We are NOT HARMING local businesses, we are helping existing business owners and creating space for growing local businesses.
  • We are NOT real estate SPECULATORS, we are long-term owners.
  • We are NOT destroying the CHARACTER of the neighborhood, we are enhancing its streetscape.
  • We are NOT part of a foreign investment group, we are local investors.
  • We do NOT have any economic interest in the SELF-STORAGE facility that was recently built on 145th St, even as we have the right to build the same sort of buildings on our own site as-of-right.
  • One45 will NOT lead to more homelessness, it will create housing for those in need.
  • One45 will NOT mean big box stores, it will mean thriving local retail.